Lose Excess Weight, Increase Energy, Improve Digestive Health

Bloating that makes your favourite jeans feel like a straitjacket?

Energy levels that barely make it past breakfast?

Motivation that’s gone AWOL?

You eat “right” and exercise, but can’t lose weight?

Leaky Gut

Did you know that a healthy gut is linked to more than just good digestion?

Your gut health impacts various aspects of your life, including: 

  • metabolism
  • weight
  • energy levels
  • cognitive and brain health
  • skin health 
  • immunity
  • autoimmune disease
  • every organ in your body
  • allergies
  • and so much more… 



  • LOSE EXCESS WEIGHT: While eating as much as you want. On average, participants lose 5-8kg (without exercise).
  • HAVE MORE ENERGY: A very common result. 
  • CRAVINGS? Reduced or completely gone.
  • HAVE A STRONG IMMUNE SYSTEM: No more annual colds and flus.
  • ENJOY RELIEF FROM GASTRO INTESTINAL (GI) DISTRESS: Such as bloating, gas, acid reflux, cramping and other digestive issues.
  • FEEL MOTIVATED: A happy gut boosts your mood and overall well-being.
  • HAVE A SHARP BRAIN: No more brain fog.



The 28 Day Gut Reset isn’t just about weight loss – it’s about a complete health transformation.




– Gut Healing Soup only

The gut lining needs a chance to heal, so everything that can remotely irritate a damaged gut lining, needs to be eliminated.

That includes many healthy foods such as fresh vegetables. 

Because there is a healing process that begins, you may feel tired – much like when your body heals from illness. 

There can also be detox symptoms such as a headache. 




– BREAKFAST AND DINNER: New Gut Healing Soups

– DINNERS: Cooked Meals

Healing of the gut lining still takes place, so we stick to soup (new recipes) that is digested easily, is ingredients that are gentle on the gut. 

You should feel much better this week and most often, some excess weight is lost already. 



– BREAKFAST: New Meals 

– LUNCH: New Soup Recipes

– DINNER: New Cooked Meals

– NEW: Repopulation begins 

We stick to one soup per day still – the healing process continues

If the gut feels 100% better, we start the process of repopulating the gut with beneficial bacteria



– BREAKFAST: New Recipes

– LUNCH: New Soup Recipes

– DINNER: New Cooked Meals

– Repopulation continues  

Leaky Gut should for most be almost healed – just one more week of gentle, healing foods

If there were no adverse effects, continue with repopulation with beneficial bacteria  




A common food group that was previously excluded, is reintroduced to see what the effect is, and if it should stay in the diet or not. 

Delicious and healthy meals are included, as well as popular foods that are commonly unhealthy, but presented in a healthy way

Continue with repopulation of the gut with beneficial bacteria 

This phase should last about 2 weeks. 

*contains chicken, fish, eggs and meat




Another common food group that was previously excluded, is reintroduced to see what the effect is, and if it should stay in the diet or not. 

Some alcoholic drinks are allowed back, in moderation

Learn how to keep eating healthy when eating out, having a braai, making pizza, and more

Continue with repopulation of the gut with beneficial bacteria 

This phase should also last about 2 weeks 

The recipes of the maintenance phase intend to show you how to maintain gut health for the rest of your life, while enjoying the foods you love. 



  1. MINDSET: It starts off with a mindset exercise for commitment.
  2. HOLISTIC APPROACH: Simple lifestyle habits that accelerate results. It considers all factors influencing gut health.
  3. IT’S SUSTAINABLE: No calorie counting or portion measuring. Ever. 
  4. IT BECOMES A LIFESTYLE: The Maintenance Plan shows you how maintaining gut health is enjoyable. 
  5. EXPERT GUIDANCE: I am always available on email or WhatsApp to answer questions. 



Complete recipes guiding you through each week of the 28 days. 

**contains chicken, fish, eggs and meat


20 new and delicious gut healthy recipes – breakfasts, lunches and dinners.

Repopulate the gut with beneficial bacteria. 

Reintroduce certain foods. 

Learn to maintain a healthy diet for life – without deprivation. 


WhatsApp or email me anytime you have a question. 


Access to a private Facebook group of current and past participants of the 28 Day Gut Reset.  


Gut Health Supplement Guidance

Complete supplement suggestions to help heal your gut and specific symptoms. 

Mindset Task

A science-proven task to help you stay motivated and committed, including a powerful visualisation. 

Three Lifestyle Habits

Tips and guidelines to:

– increase results

– markedly improve overall health

– enhance hormonal health

Daily Checklist

Helps you stay on track and not forget the simple habits that are resonsible for massive results. 

If you are still skeptical about how the wrong gut bacteria can cause weight gain – NO, make you OBESE – just take a look at what happened to this poor woman:
A woman successfully treated for a recurrent Clostridium difficile infection with stool from an overweight donor rapidly gained weight herself afterwards, becoming obese, according to a case report published in the new journal Open Forum Infectious Diseases.
At the time of the woman’s fecal transplant in 2011, her weight was stable at 136 pounds, and her Body Mass Index (BMI) was 26. Then 32 years old, she had always been of normal weight. The transplant used donor stool from the woman’s overweight but otherwise healthy teenage daughter, administered via colonoscopy, to restore a healthy balance of bacteria in the woman’s gut, curing her C. difficile infection.
Sixteen months later, the woman weighed 170 pounds, and her BMI was 33, meeting medical criteria for obesity. The weight gain persisted despite a medically supervised liquid protein diet and exercise program. Continuing efforts to diet and exercise did not lower her weight: Three years after the transplant, she weighed 177 pounds with a BMI of 34.5, and she remains obese today.”
The thing to notice here, is that a weight loss diet and exercise program DID NOT HELP her.  
Because diet or lack of exercise was not the CAUSE of her weight gain!
She needs to reset her gut.

Regular Price: R1950 

Today Price: R1450


1. Can I exercise while doing the 28 Day Gut Reset? 

It is recommended to not do any intense exercise during at least the first week. The body needs to focus on the healing process.

You may feel tired in the first week and for good reason – the gut needs to heal, just like when you are sick and feel tired.

Stress is lethal for gut health so in the first week especially, one needs to eliminate stress as much as possible – intense workouts are stressful on the body.

Any easy movement like walking is fine in the first week.

Let your body guide you as to when you start feeling ready for workouts, and remember to eat enough! 

Strength training will be a good option when you feel ready, so that you don’t lose muscle mass. 


2. Is it okay if I cheat on the gut reset? 

No. I am never militant about diets or workouts plans, but with the gut reset, your gut needs to heal so cheating will defeat the purpose unfortunately.

I’m proud to say participants never really cheat – or that is what they tell me, at least. I believe them.  

3. How much weight can I lose on the Gut Reset? The max FAT you can lose per week is said to be 1kg. So if you follow the plan well I would say at least 4kg of fat.

Most people so far, however, lose more than 1kg per week – during the first week, you may lose some water weight too. My most recent client lost 9kg in 4 weeks. It’s important to keep protein intake high so that you don’t lose muscle.

If you have more weight to lose, you will keep losing as you keep reintroducing probiotic rich foods as will be recommended or in the maintenance plan. The absence of that good bacteria is often a reason people cannot lose weight (or improve health), so following the maintenance guidance is of the utmost importance!

4. When can I start? 

You can start as soon as you have prepped the soup for the first week. The best is to set aside 4 weeks and not have any birthdays, weddings or other major social commitments where you’d be tempted with food or drinks that are not allowed. 

5. To lose weight on the gut reset, do you have to stick to certain portions? 

NO. You have to eat as much as your body needs. It is working hard to heal the gut, so depriving it of food will add stress and then the healing process will be impaired.

Any stress will compromise the healing process, therefore stress management and optimal sleep is key and gets addressed in the plan. 

6.  Do I need any fancy or unusual foods for the gut reset or maintenance plan?

If you have access to a health shop (even online) you will be fine – grass fed bone broth and fermented probiotic rich foods is all you need apart from foods you can get at a normal supermarket. 

7. Is the gut reset program suitable for vegetarians or vegans?

Unfortunately not. 

Regular Price: R1950 

Today Price: R1450