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For Women 40+



Feeling like the endless stream of “20-year-old fitness tips” just doesn’t quite click for you?

Girl, same! That’s why I help women like you ditch the confusion and find workouts that actually fuel your fire (think: appropriate, effective, and FUN!).

Most health advice is based on dudes half your age, completely ignoring the magic (and challenges!) of being a woman over 40.

But not here!

I take a holistic approach, looking further than crunches and kale salad (though don’t worry, we can conquer both). Think stress-busters, challenging self sabotaging beliefs, sleep secrets, and nutrition that nourishes your body and soul.

The result?

Not just accelerated and sustainable weight loss (though that’s pretty awesome!), but lasting health improvements that leave you feeling stronger, fitter, and bursting with energy.

I’ll be your guide, cheerleader, and partner in crime on this awesome adventure.

Ready to rock?

WhatsApp me for a free trial session, or email me on sunel@sunelvfitness.com for a Workout Plan.

Personal Training

Based in Kleinmond, can travel to Betty’s Bay, Pringle Bay, Arabella and further. 

A detailed questionnaire to be completed by the client before we start.

Start with a free trial session by booking via Whatsapp.

For one: 12 sessions @ R2200

For two people: 12 sessions @ R3300

(Traveling at an additional cost, depending on your location.)

Email: sunel@sunelvfitness.com

WhatsApp: 072 337 9304

Add The 28 Day Gut Reset and Maintenance Meal Plan to a Personal Training package OR 8 Week Workout Plan for ONLY R850


Lift Heavy Shit


A detailed questionnaire to be completed by the client before we start.

Home or Gym Plans

Workouts in PDF format with pics, instructions and video links for each exercise.

Always available on email or WhatsApp to answer questions and give guidance.

R990 (plan covers 8 weeks).

Email: sunel@sunelvfitness.com

WhatsApp: 072 337 9304 

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I’m fueled by a thirst for knowledge and a mission to smash outdated health tips that just don’t fit women like us. You know, the kind that make you roll your eyes when the latest “bikini bod” advice rolls in. 

That’s why I took the plunge and snagged one of the first spots in Dr. Stacy Sims’ groundbreaking “Women Are Not Small Men” course. Talk about an eye-opener! This stuff isn’t just about squats and salads, it’s about understanding the science of how our bodies respond to training, nutrition, and recovery. Game-changer, right?

Mediocrity is a four-letter word in my book. I want my clients to see results that blow their minds (and those outdated fitness myths!) to smithereens.

So, if you’re tired of generic advice and ready to unlock your true potential, let’s chat! I’m all about empowering women to be the best, healthiest versions of themselves, no matter what the latest fad throws our way. 

Ready to join the tribe? Drop me a line, and let’s conquer our goals, one awesome discovery at a time!

Personal Training Overstrand For Women 40+