The Complete Fat loss & Toning Blueprint

For Women 40+

Welcome Beautiful Women 40 and Over

Are you feeling defeated and depressed from increasing overall weight (especially belly fat) and the shifting hormonal balance that comes with aging?

Confused by all the contradicting diet and fitness advice?

I understand the unique challenges that come with this stage of life. Fat loss tips are generally what work for men and not applicable to women 40 and older. 

My focus is on empowering women like you to achieve your weight loss goals, maintain them and being truly healthy, while rediscovering your worth.

Embarking on a journey toward a healthier you is beautiful act of self-care and appreciation.

Let’s begin this empowering chapter together! ?

What Happened To My Body When I Hit 40?

What happened to my body when I entered my 40s?

Are you noticing changes in your body that seem to have arrived overnight?

Unable to get the results from workouts that you used to get in your twenties and thirties?

You’re definitely not alone!

Navigating our 40s brings fascinating body transformations. However, these changes can present hurdles in staying fit and feeling fantastic.

Metabolism shifts might feel like a new game, making weight management trickier.

Persistent belly fat can be unwelcome, and hormonal changes impact mood, energy levels, and weight.

Workout routines often overlook women, especially women in perimenopause and menopause!

But fear not!

This weight loss plan for women over 40 turns challenges into triumphs.



In the world of exercise, nutrition, and medicine, it’s often assumed that what works for men works the same for women.

Surprisingly, there has not been much research focusing on women in these areas, even though they make up about half of the population.

Most of the diet and fitness plans and advice out there are not designed for women.

They don’t consider how a woman’s body changes during her menstrual cycle, peri-menopause or menopause, which is a big deal.

No wonder so many women are frustrated and even depressed with their lack of results!

Tailored to the unique challenges faced by women over 40, my plan tackles the aging female body’s changes like a boss.

But it’s not just about physical transformations; it’s a holistic approach. Because too many women have lost their sense of worth and value.

Tackling your weight issue from an overall health perspective, actually accelerates results and make them sustainable!


I can HIGHLY recommend this program. Sunel is exceptionally knowledgeable about current scientific evidence, especially research on women, including those post-menopausal.

I had a little relapse and returned three weeks ago. Lost 4kg, and is back on the strength training. Many thanks, Sunel.

Sunel’s workouts have made a HUGE difference!!! If you want to be fit, strong and toned, I would recommend her fitness programmes for women over 40.


I did the Gut Reset with the workouts and lost 9.5 kg and a total of 20 cm. I lost excess weight I struggled to lose before – I could sleep through the night and had more energy. I didn’t feel bloated anymore and had my natural glow back!


More than just the scale: Discover your fit, healthy, and happy potential.


benefits of the 10 week weight loss workout plan for women

Lose Excess Stubborn Fat

  • Tailored to the changing hormones women over 40 – what WORKS for us


  • Resistance training and dietary guidance to get you the toned body you want (don’t worry, you ain’t getting big or bulky!)

Mindset Mastery for Commitment

  • A powerful mindset task scientifically proven to double or triple commitment levels
  • Create a powerful connection between who you are and the results you desire

Stay On Track

  • A daily checklist of actionable tasks designed to enhance and even speed up your results

Balance Hormones

  • Stress management techniques that calm cortisol, boost metabolism, and elevate overall health, ensuring a holistic approach to your well-being
  • Nutritional guidance SPECIFIC to women, and women over 40 with correct timing and amounts needed for optimal hormone balancing, WITHOUT starvation or tedious portion measuring

All-Day Support

  • Enjoy continuous support from me throughout the day, via email or WhatsApp.
  • Your questions, concerns, and achievements are met with real-time encouragement, creating a supportive environment for your success

Boost Metabolism

  • Easy daily tips to naturally enhance your metabolism.

Example Of Exercise In The Plan 


example of exercise in the 10 week weight loss workout plan for women over 40




  • For GYM, if you prefer training in the gym
  • For HOME – 2 sets of Dumbbells are required: one light set (3-6kg) and one heavier set (8-12kg) – see FAQ section below for more info


  • PDF plans with picture, instructions and video for each exercise
  • Each exercise has an option to make it easier or harder


  • Resistance training duration: 45-60min
  • HIIT workouts: up to 30min


  • 3 sessions/week (two weeks are 4 sessions/week)
  • Weeks 4 and 8 are recovery weeks
  • ‘Homework’ for off days (set aside about 60min in total)


  • Daily practices to implement that are simple yet critical for better and faster results
  • Makes results more permanent and sustainable 
  • Drastically increase overall health


  • Dive into your subconscious mind and find out where you not letting yourself succeed to help you overcome this barrier and stay motivated 


  • Guidance on the most important aspect needed to drastically maximise results for women over 40 specifically, including the timing
  • Direction on how to eat – simplified – with NO calorie counting



Reclaim Your Body & Confidence in Just 10 Weeks

Stop Wasting Time on Workouts Designed For Men.

Start Your Exercise Plan Designed for Weight Loss That Sticks Around – Not Just Until Your Next Vacation.


10 week weight loss plan for women over 40

Pain comes when we resist the growth and expansion that is always at our fingertips.

Picture Yourself in 10 Weeks: Same Old Story or a Renewed Woman? 
new you

This Program Guarantees the Transformation You Deserve. Join Now and Expand Into the Best Version of Yourself! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of workouts are included in the plan?

Mostly resistance/strength training, HIIT, some bodyweight training, and some cardio. 


Is this plan suitable for beginners or only for experienced fitness enthusiasts?

Any level of fitness can do this plan, because each exercise has options to make it easier or more challenging – sometimes just by adding more weight/reducing the weight which mostly applies to the gym plan. 

The amount if rounds done and the rest periods are also slightly customisable.


How long are the workout sessions, and how many days a week do I need to commit to the plan?

Most workouts last about 45-60min, depending on whether you tweak the rest periods or do an extra round. This applies to most workouts which involve strength/resistance training, they should never exceed 60min. 

HIIT workouts are more specific and should last roughly 25-30min including rest periods. Rounds may not be exceeded, and rest periods can’t be shortened, as HIIT is more specific and there is a correct way to do it for benefitting women over 40. 

All weeks have three workouts per week – only in two of the weeks are there four workouts per week. 

There is easy homework to do on non-workout days which will speed up results. For those, you need 45-60min per day. 


Do I need special equipment or access to a gym to follow this workout plan?

If you belong to a gym, you can select the GYM plan. 

If you don’t belong to a gym, you select the HOME option. For this option, you need a light and a heavier set of weights – dumbbells work the best. 

I suggest as follows: 

Beginner: 3kg set + 8kg set

Intermediate: 4kg set + 9kg set

Quite fit/strong: 5kg set + 10kg set

Experienced lifting weights: 6kg set + 12kg set 


I am worried I order the wrong set of weights – how can I be sure? 

If you order weights on Takealot, you have 30 days to return items. Use the weights for Week 1-2 and see how it goes. 

If you’re not happy, log a return/exchange online. 

In my experience, they return/exchange items without a hassle, even if you select your reason for returning ‘I have changed my mind’. You can then reorder another weight. 

Bear in mind that you will get stronger through the plan. So if the weight is a little too heavy for the exercises, rather keep the weight and do less reps. You will catch up. 


Is there a meal plan or nutritional guidance included with the workout plan?

I do give some nutritional guidance in the plan. Some people don’t want to change everything at once – sometimes it works better to establish one major habit before adopting another. 

If you feel you would like to change your diet at the same time, email me at for a discount code on my 28 Day Gut Reset which is the ultimate foundation to adopting a healthy diet and maintaining it in the longterm. 

If not, you can always do that after the 10 Weeks, or when you feel ready to change your diet. 


Are there modifications available for those with injuries or physical limitations?

If you have a chronic injury, I strongly recommend seeing a Lyno Practitioner near you who will look for the cause and help you get rid of it, for good. 

If the easier versions of the exercises still don’t work for you, please email me at 


How will I track my progress throughout the program?

BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES – if you send me your before and after pics and I can use it on my website/social media, I will send you a box of bath bombs or bath salts that contain no toxins or unnatural/harmful ingredients. 

A SCALE is often unreliable, don’t use it more often than once a week.

CLOTHES: How clothes fit is much more reliable.

MeThreeSixty App – I haven’t used it myself but some of my clients love it. It gives you a three dimensional scan of your body and includes measurements of different body parts.

Are there any success stories or testimonials from women who have completed this workout plan?

You can see some testimonials in the section above. Since this plan is quite new, more testimonials will be published and posted soon. 

How much weight can I lose on this plan?

It depends how much weight you have to lose, and how closely you follow the plan. Doing the ‘Homework’, sticking to the protein recommendations and doing the ‘Stress Management Techniques’ daily will markedly accelerate and improve your results, AND your health overall. 

Remember that you can gain weight on the scale and still improve your body composition – I have in the past gained a few kilograms on the scale, but my pants started falling down AND I visibly lost fat on my stomach. 

Is there ongoing support or access to a fitness expert if I have questions or need guidance during the program?

Yes, you can email my anytime with any questions at


What happens after the 10-week program? Is there a continuation plan or recommendations for maintaining results?

This plan can be repeated several times over, you will keep getting results if you are not at your goal weight yet, and if you adhere to the ‘homework’ and other guidelines provided. 

If you have reached your goal body/weight and you would just like to maintain, two workouts per week should do that for most women. You can choose any two workouts of the specific week, aiming to cover all body parts. The ‘homework’ and guidelines will have to be maintained as they are stipulated. 

If you feel you would need something extra or want to learn about eating and maintaining the best diet, email me at for a discount code on my 28 Day Gut Reset which is the ultimate foundation to adopting a healthy diet and maintaining it in the longterm.