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21 Day Plan for Women 40+


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When I entered my 40s, I noticed my body just isn’t responding the same to my previous workouts.


 I’m over not being able to eat what I used to – I’m still exercising but the weight continues to pile on – super depressing.

I turn 40 next year and I’m finding it a lot harder to lose weight than I did when I was younger. Even dropping weight after having children was easy compared to now!

Now it’s a struggle, at 40yrs old, to lose each kilogram, then the plateau is like a stone wall.

I miss my flat stomach and the clothes I used to wear.

I still carry excess weight, specially in hip, belly and thigh area.. It disturbs me, and I really want to return to who I was before 🙂


I am about to turn 44 and I have been trying to lose weight and it seems I can’t lose anything around my middle. I feel so unattractive and frumpy. I love fashion, but lost it because of how I feel.

I have been doing Keto/Carnivore for a month now without losing any weight and was thinking about going back to counting calories. It’s been depressing to give up the carbs/sugar and not seeing results. Not sure what to do next.


Let me tell you something –

I know how much bullshit there is in the health, diet and fitness industries – especially for women!



⇒ Trainers or dietitians making NO changes to diet and exercises when women enter peri-menopause (about 40 years) and menopause (about 50+)

– have you been told that you all of a sudden start struggling to lose weight because it is just part of getting old? BULL CRAP! As we enter peri-menopause and especially menopause, estrogen and progesterone drop. That will necessarily cause changes to your body – belly fat accumulating being one. That necessitates specific changes to your diet and exercise regime. 

⇒ ‘Experts’ using a similar diet & exercise approach to women as they do to men 

– women are not men with ovaries and breasts – we have hormones responding differently to the same stressors, and fluctuating monthly, which changes EVERYTHING when it comes to nutrition, exercise and recovery (to name a few)!

⇒ Personal trainers / ‘fitness experts’ making  millions from starvation diets and generic workout plans that are not appropriate for women 

– guarantees to wreck a woman’s metabolism and have you gain all the weight (and more) back

⇒ Dietitians telling clients to eat boring things (such as low fat cottage cheese on crackers, or steamed fish and broccoli) in order to lose weight

– not necessary!

⇒ Personal trainers telling female clients to eat less and exercise more when they hit a plateau

this NOT THE ANSWER it – will put your body in a state of stress and lower your thyroid/metabolism

⇒ Thinking that diet and exercise are the only two things that change your weight

– there are SIX OTHER CRITICAL FACTORS (besides diet and exercise) to address for weight loss and health

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FREE 21 Day Plan for Women 40+

Get four, 30-40 min HOME workouts  per week for three weeks – suitable for all levels.

NO equipment is needed except for a mat (weights are optional but may be required if you are relatively fit).

A meal plan* with recipes for a week is included, which can be repeated.

Clear guidelines are provided.

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The SIX critical factors (besides diet and exercise) required for LONG TERM weight loss and health, but that no one tells you about.


How counting and restricting calories make you fat and damage your metabolism.

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Healthy Recipes

*contains meat and other animal products, is gluten free and mostly dairy free – reasons provided in guidelines.



FREE 21 Day Plan for Women 40+

WAIT! Only if you are ready to start losing stubborn fat!

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