Because it’s based on the hormones of a 40+ year old WOMAN!!

Break through the fat gain that happens in your 40s by doing the best exercises for your changing hormones

Get rid of stubborn fat in problem areas

Go back to the body you had in your late twenties

Stop wasting hours on useless cardio and advice that was researched on men 

Go into your fifties feeling great


“When I entered my 40’s, I noticed my body just wasn’t responding the same to my previous workouts.”

“I am 46, and just this year, I started noticing tummy fat.  My core was the only part of my body I have ever really liked, and now it is chubby.”

“I’ve always been in great shape until I turned 49… then pow!!  Mother nature was not very kind… I went from 125lbs to 160lbs in no time.  I hate how I feel… I miss my flat stomach and the clothes I used to wear.”

“Even at 35 I could drop 30lbs in 3 weeks with a HIIT workout plan and healthy eating… but now it’s a struggle, at 40yrs old, to lose each pound, then the plateau is like a stone wall.”

“I used to be skinny up into my forties!! Never ever thought that I would be overweight.  But here I am just a few years later 40 lbs heavier.”

“I turn 40 next year and I’m finding it a lot harder to lose weight than I did when I was younger.  Even dropping weight after having children was easy compared to now!”

“I am about to turn 44 and I have been trying to lose weight and it seems I can’t lose anything around my middle.  I feel so unattractive and frumpy.  I love fashion, but lost it because of how I feel.  I feel so lost.”

Clearly, you are not alone.



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  • despite making up half of the world’s population, women are NOT usually used in studies, and research on exercise – specifically – is no exception!
  • it’s much easier to use 18 – 22 year old men who have no periods, are not pregnant, are not on contraceptive pills – aka, their hormones do not fluctuate
  • this means, that the MAJORITY of what you read and get told about diets, exercise, recovery etc. is NOT applicable to WOMEN
  • NO, OUR PHYSIOLOGY IS NOT THE SAME! Our bodies DON’T respond the same!
  • hence the reason for all the frustration when you hit the 40s – estrogen and progesterone start dropping and conventional fitness advice does NOT take this into account!



The 10 Week Workout Plan for Women 40+ WORKS, because:


  • it is based on research done on WOMEN;
  • workouts are based on what the changing hormones of WOMEN who approach and enter perimenopause and menopause NEED to combat the belly fat accumulation that happens due to a drop in estrogen and progesterone;
  • it advises on post workout recovery – ESSENTIAL for the success for women of this age group that is neglected by trainers and coaches;
  • it is worked out by a woman (me!) who has studied the different requirements for women in different hormone phases and stages

My decades (since 2001) of studies, research, reading, curiosity, searching and personal experience, have led me to create this plan (and my other ones).

In my opinion, Dr. Stacy Sims is the leader and expert in research when it comes to sex differences in training, recovery and nutrition.  She is one of my biggest influences and sources of research & study on the topic.

There is a lot of confusion in the market as all sorts of programs are out there pushed by anyone with an idea and a loud voice.  This lack of science-based information often means women are doing the wrong training, eating the wrong food, not reaching their full potential, and / or often suffering unnecessary discomfort and pain.  For example, how many of those programs take into account the menstrual cycle where there are large, repetitive, changes in hormone levels?

Dr. Stacy Sims

Dr. Stacy Sims

The 10 Week Workout Plan For Women 40 + consists of:

• 4 home workouts / week 

Lose stubborn fat and ‘tone’ in the comfort of your home, without worrying about your hair or outfit 

• Workouts last 30 – 45min 

No time wasted on exercises that are not effective for women

• Exercises can be adapted for beginners or advanced athletes

Anyone of any fitness level can do it 

• Equipment required: mat/carpet, bench/chair, a light and heavier set of weights are optional but recommended for advanced/fit participants

No gym fees or expensive additional purchases required

• Week 4 and Week 8 are (active) Recovery Weeks

Strategically inserted in order to bring stress hormones down, maintain mobility and maximise recovery, adaptation, fitness and ‘toning’

• Instructions, picture and video for each exercise

You will know exactly how to do each exercise 

• You can still do easy runs / walks on non-workout days – in fact it is recommended

If you are a runner, be sure that this plan will make you a faster, stronger runner!

• Guidance on how to structure workouts if you still have a menstrual cycle 

Get much better results by synchronizing training and recovery with the appropriate hormone phases

• Post workout recommendation that is critical for women’s workout success – most trainers and coaches don’t know about this

Find out what critical element is needed to make or break the success of your workouts 

• The plan can be repeated 

So it can easily last for up to one year!

• Unlimited email access to myself 

Have all your questions answered or get motivation anytime you need it 

• SIX  month money back guarantee

If you are not happy with the results, I will refund you completely for up to 6 months from your date of purchase


Here is an example of what you will find in the workouts:

(note that it follows the exact same structure and layout as the FREE 21 Day Plan For Women 40+, so you can check that out first if you have not done so yet!)


Includes: Name of exercise, instructions,  video and picture for each exercise. 


Hunter's Rest Instructions
Hunter's Rest video
Hunter's Rest Pic

While it’s a nice notion that we can do the same training program as men and adapt in the same manner, we have a totally different physiological environment.”

– Dr Mandy Hagstrom

Get the most effective workouts for weight loss, getting rid of fat in problem areas, and toning – with the only plan that is truly based on what a WOMAN in her 40s (and beyond) needs.

– NO Repeat Weeks- Every Week Looks Different!

– Entire 10 Week Workout Plan Can Be Repeated Several Times

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6 month money back guarantee

If you are not happy with the results, I will refund you completely for up to 6 months from your date of purchase.

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